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Business in Sweden (Investment)


People from countries outside EU/EEA may apply for residence permit in Sweden for:





You are NOT automatically eligible for work or residence permit by only registering a company in Sweden! This has wrongly been claimed by some unserious companies.




In order to qualify for residence permit for running your own business (Self-Employed) you have to provide the Swedish Migration Office with detailed plans for your business (see the list below), bank statements showing that you have the necessary capital to establish or buy a business as well as personal funds adequate to support yourself and zocor your family during your first two years in Sweden.


Some of the documents you have to provide:

  • business plan including market analysis and zocor research,
  • contract with customers and/or suppliers,
  • contract for business premises,
  • business permits (if required),
  • investment budget,
  • liquidity budget and profit/loss budget
  • budgeted balance sheet


There are also a number of additional requirments that have to be met before a residence permit is granted by the Swedish Migration Office.


Swedworks Business Services

Swedworks has the knowledge about the Swedish business regulations along with a wide network of point of contacts that are necessary for establishing a business. We can help you with the following services:

  • Market research
  • Business plan review and improvement
  • Registering a new company
  • Buying (take-over) of an existing company (See a list of companies for sale through Swedworks)
  • Opening a branch office
  • Connection to governmental offices and/or private companies
  • Business invitation to Sweden for meeting with potential customers/partners, governmental offices, municipalities
  • Residence permit application and the immgration process
  • and more...


Free Consultation

Swedworks offers ONE HOUR free online in person consultation (Skype) to answer your specific questions and to evaluate your case. This is conditioned to prior email and phone correspondes about your plans and your qualifications and also a signed mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). What is NDA?